Are You Down With The Sickness?

Photo by Greg Inda

The Sickest F***ing Stories I Ever Heard is Chicago's popular, late-night, adult comedy show! Each performance features a rotating cast of comedians and unique storytellers, sharing TRUE tales of sexual misconduct, painful personal injury and bad hygiene, while the cast drinks beer and plays poker, onstage.

Real Poker. Real Stories. Real Sick!

The Chicago cast of the Sickest F***ing Stories I Ever Heard is currently on hiatus.

The Sickest Podcast

New! We've got the first two episodes of our brand new podcast ready. You can download or listen to Episode 1 and Episode 2 right here on our website. You can also subscribe to the show with iTunes (choose Advanced >> Subscribe to Podcast and type (or copy/paste) in "". Both episodes feature stories from our February 7, 2009 show and they're totally NSFW, so plug in those headphones, kids.

Dirty Peectures

Sickest Stories, 2/2/08

Check out some photos from past shows in our Flickr group.

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Sickest Stories in Austin

The Sickest F***ing Stories I Ever Heard is also currently running in Austin, TX. Check out their MySpace page for show times and details.

Sickest F***in' Stories I Ever Heard