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February 2, 2008 - The Love Show

This show will be at Midnight at the Playground Theater, 3209 N Halsted, Chicago.

“Can You Feel The LOVE Tonight? What if I Wiggle My Finger, Can You Feel It Then?!?”

It’s February and the BIG ROMANTICS that run “THE SICKEST F***ING STORIES I EVER HEARD” are in the MOOD FOR LOVE. Or at least in the MOOD FOR SEX. (Buttsex.)

To celebrate the “Love Month”, the boys of SFS are surrendering the table to an all-female cast. And not just ANY ladies, these are the SICKEST GALS, we could find…

Here’s your cast for the Feb. 2 performance:

- Kat “Gone Wild” Gotsick will be dealing cards at the table and telling about her long-ago days stripping in El Paso, TX under the name “Peligro Pequeno”

-Lisa “Sex On The Board Room Table” Linke will give the skinny on what happens after hours in the office. Don’t get your dick stuck in the fax machine.

-Sara “I Like Olives” Wolfson will entertain the audience with her tales as a third-tier dominatrix in the Big Easy. The only Safety Word she’ll accept is “More Please”.

-Carissa “Ay Caramba” Diest is back from Las Vegas where she had sexual intercourse with “The Big Red”. No need for elaboration there, this chick is HARD CORE!

And there will be a MYSTERY GUEST in the final seat!!!

The Opening Monologue will be given by Harz Sonderricker’s ugly twin sister, “Helga
Sonderricker”. Let’s all hope that her vagina doesn’t fall out!

To make matters worse, the Manly Men of SFS will be showing an unnecessary display of solidarity with our female cast by manning the show… in drag. Horrible, horrible, drag.

You Gotta Come Out To See This Mess!



Update: Check out these photos from the show!


Lisa Linke, Sara Wolfson, Carissa Diest, Jady Brooks, and Harz Sonderricker.


Sickest F***in' Stories I Ever Heard